Stacy Carrolll
In-House Trainer
Stacy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience throughout her journey as a carer, which was complemented by her on-the-job NVQ qualifications. Her commitment to learning and development didn't stop there; she transitioned into the training and qualification field, earning additional training qualifications. Stacy is a staunch advocate for continuous growth, both professionally and personally.

Prior to her tenure at RCB, Stacy began her career as a carer at the young age of 17. As she progressed, she ventured into NVQ training and assessing, discovering a genuine passion for imparting knowledge and facilitating the growth of others. She expanded her horizons by training individuals in English, Maths, and Digital Skills through a traineeship program. However, her heart led her back to the care industry, where she now serves as an in-house trainer at RCB.

​During her free time, Stacy thrives on adventurous pursuits and maintaining an active lifestyle. She cherishes moments spent with her friends and family and has developed a newfound passion for training her dog.
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