Heatherdale Accommodation

At the Heatherdale Nursing Home, we have 40 luxurious bedrooms and a spacious dining area where residents can enjoy fresh food cooked by our talented chefs. We have a beautiful garden, a pond area, conservatory and two-tier lounges. Residents can enjoy large-screened televisions, a range of facilities and friendly carers.

Our care home is situated in the beautiful town of Gillingham. 

We offer all the modern facilities that are adapted to all types of patients, ensuring a high-quality of life maintained.

Patients can interact with each other, play quizzes and go on days out. We want all of our patients to feel content and always go the extra mile to ensure they get the best out of their stay and their lives

Indulgence and enjoy - without feeling guilty

Our menus change regularly, using fine quality and locally sourced ingredients. As with every other feature of the home, we want to excel in the kitchen too and to do this we feel that engaging with our residents to create menus they will enjoy every day is the way to do that.

It is our constant attention to our residents’ right to choice that helps keep the kitchen and dining side of the home as ship-shape and smooth running as the rest of the home.

We will always be happy to accommodate dietary requirements no matter how unusual, and our kitchen staff are highly skilled at making sure everyone enjoys meal time